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Facts you didn’t know About Amsterdam

Facts you didn’t know About Amsterdam

Like tourism promoting articles, we wouldn’t tell you things about Amsterdam that you would already know if you’ve been there. Even if you have visited the place before, be ready to know it all over again, through our eyes. We bet the things we are about to mention were never noticed by you or had absolutely no idea about them.

Amsterdam is a Sinking Ship

Not the ship but sinking literally. We bet you haven’t seen the slightly tilted buildings in Amsterdam. In case you did, we hope you didn’t think that it was just a light mimicry of the leaning tower of Pisa. For your information, the majority of the Amsterdam is constructed on water and now after years of its development, the capital is sinking because the soil beneath the city is soft. All the buildings stand on wooden poles and now they have started concrete to make building to last longer.

Super Multi-cultural

The fact you might didn’t know earlier but Amsterdam is the highest multicultural city in the world. According to the statistics, it has the highest number of nationalities living in the same city. Just think about it! What fun it would be mingling with all of them and always having something new to learn; culture, traditions, food etc.

Gulliver’s Travels it is!

Did you know that the Dutch people were the tallest people in the world as the Dutch women are 170 meters tall whereas the men tower 184 cm on an average? If you have been there and you’re short, you must not have missed all the people walking pass you, making you feel like half of your body is under the ground.

Amsterdam is LGBT friendly

A city as lively as Amsterdam has absolutely no bounds for anyone. Amsterdam was the first capital city to legalize same-se x marriages in 2001 and just in 10 years saw about 15,000 such marriages. Moreover, Amsterdam gives lesbian and gay couples all the rights they are supposed to have.

Safety First

If you don’t believe us, let us repeat. Amsterdam is the 25th safest city in the world and that too despite legal prostitution and marijuana. All the factors that are legal there and are associated with danger are very controlled in Amsterdam. You’ll be surprised to know that Amsterdam is one of the cities with the lowest crime rate amongst most European capital cities.

Coffee It Is

Coffee lovers! Plan your next trip to Amsterdam for a blissful overdose on your favorite beverage. Apparently, residents in Amsterdam are the second largest consumers of coffee with every person having up to 3.2 cups of coffee per day. You can go anywhere and pull a safe bet on having the best coffee you would have ever tasted. 

Bicycle Treasure

In the canals, right beneath your feet lay tons of disposed bicycles. Since one of the most common forms of transportation in Amsterdam is cycles, residents usually dispose them off in the canals. Today there are about 30,000 cycles under that water; some mere structures of rust while some must be antiques waiting to be saved before they rot completely.

Amsterdam is a place worth seeing! So if you haven’t been there yet, plan a trip today. In the other case, if you have already been there, go again, now with the information that you just learned. The courtyard hotel si a highly recommended hotel and it has a scandinavian restaurant on the first floor. 

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